Police probe anti-Catholic leaflets
28/04/2004 - 09:00:36

Sinister sectarian leaflets demanding that Catholics be thrown out of a loyalist area of Belfast are being investigated by police, it was confirmed today.

The leaflets appeared in the Sandy Row area of south Belfast, calling on residents to attend a public meeting on the issue.

Ulster Unionist councillor Bob Stoker said there was very little support in the area for such a campaign.

“I don’t think it is from any organisation or any group of people. I think this is coming from an individual who has access to a computer.”

The leaflets centre around a new apartment block built in the predominantly Protestant area.

Anti-Catholic and anti-nationalist slogans have been daubed on the walls of the building.

Pat McCarthy, of the SDLP, said some residents believe paramilitaries are behind an orchestrated campaign of intimidation against Catholics.

He added that last year when workmen arrived to remove sectarian slogans they were attacked and their van was burnt out.

“I don’t think individuals were responsible for that. I believe that there was some degree of paramilitary involvement.”

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