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Irish News

A brother of one of Derry's Bloody Sunday victims has warned the families preparing for the new inquiries arising out of the Cory Report to immediately seek to have all available evidence secured.

John Kelly offered to meet offered to meet victims' relatives, saying he would share his experiences of inquiries with anyone preparing for a judicial tribunal. He said he was sure that other Bloody Sunday families would also be willing to share their experiences.

Mr Kelly, whose 17-year-old brother Michael was shot dead on Bloody Sunday, said the families affected by Cory should learn from the experiences of the Bloody Sunday families.

"I am delighted for them but they should know they will now face obstacles at every turn," he said.

He warned that they should seek to have all available evidence secured as soon as possible.

He said rifles used on Bloody Sunday were destroyed within days of the Saville Inquiry being announced. Even after Lord Saville had been given assurances by the Ministry of Defence, other rifles were also destroyed.

"They (the Cory families) must act immediately," he said.

On an emotional level, Mr Kelly said the families must prepare for what would be a detailed, traumatic and stressful examination of their loved one's deaths.

"We have had it for the last six years... when the security forces are involved obstacles will be placed before them."

He said the families should also remember at all times that they had a right to justice and a right and duty to question every aspect of the inquiries.

"They should look at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and see how things developed," he said.

Wishing the families well, Mr Kelly condemned the further delay in establishing an inquiry into the death of solicitor Pat Finucane.

He said he saw no reason why such an inquiry should not run parallel to legal proceedings.

April 3, 2004

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