Horror attack - Postal worker’s ear needed 32 stitches after vicious beating

Community workers from Little America have urged people living in the Glandore streets to be aware of the number of sectarian assaults taking place in the area after a young man almost lost his ear after two men brutally beat him to the ground with bricks and bottles.
The 29-year-old from Little America was walking home from his friend’s house in Glanleam Drive around 1am last Saturday night when two men in their 20s rushed at him shouting “Fenian Bastard.”
They hit him about the head knocking him unconscious before making off, leaving the Catholic postal worker for dead on the ground.
When he awoke his ear was practically severed and his skull was cracked open. In the hospital surgeons managed to save his ear with 32 stitches
and were able to close the wound on his head with seven staples and stitches.
“When I was in hospital I thought that they had bitten my ear, but I was told that it was done with a sharp brick.
“After the first blow everything is just a blur, but I know that I was able to get up and stagger to my friend’s house to get help.”
Recovering in his home, the victim said that he was taking time off work to get over the shock of his assault.
He is cut, bruised and shaken and will carry the scar of the attack for the rest of his life.
The PSNI has labelled the attack as sectarian and said that several days earlier, on April 13, four houses had been attacked and windows broken in Glandore Avenue.
“There is a history of rival factions clashing in this area. They do have a problem with youths and that has always been the case,” a PSNI spokesperson said.
According to Little America Community Development Officer Michael Cunningham an eight strong gang who came from the lower Protestant end of Glandore Avenue carried out the attack on April 13, Easter Tuesday.
“There have been three attacks in the last week and because of that we are putting out a leaflet urging vigilance. We want residents in Glandore to increase their awareness that these things are happening and regularly.
“There were several attacks over Easter and from the victims’ accounts it seems that there is a gang definitely from the bottom end hovering about, waiting for nationalists to come out.
“I have liaised with other interface coordinators in recent weeks and it has emerged that Glandore is the most active. It is hard to know if the attacks are structured or if they are sporadic. But it’s clear that they are consistent, violent and sectarian.”
DUP councillor for Castle Ian Crozier said he condemned the sectarian attack but pointed out that it would wrong to paint the area as a flashpoint.
Sinn Féin councillor for the area Danny Lavery said he was becoming increasingly worried about the nature of the attacks.
“These attacks seem to be unprovoked and every time carried by Loyalists coming from Skegoneill. This attack on this man was a senseless sectarian attack on a Nationalist and it must be condemned by all quarters. I would be calling on nationalists in the area to be extremely careful when walking home or getting a taxi late at night.”

Journalist:: Áine McEntee

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