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Easter Statement from the Leadership of the Republican Movement


THE Leadership of the Republican Movement sends greetings to all Republican activists, supporters and friends at home and abroad. As we gather at gravesides and monuments of our fallen patriots throughout Ireland and further afield on this the 88th Anniversary of the historic Proclamation of the Irish Republic of 1916, we do so with dignity and respect for those same and women who have given their lives for the caused of Irish Freedom down through the centuries.

Over the past year since we last paid tribute at ceremonies at Eastertime we have witnessed once again but to a much greater degree the treachery of our erstwhile so-called comrades in the Provisional Movement. The applause by our English enemy and their many allies throughout the world of this act of treachery of destroying arms and munitions in much greater quantities was sickening but not unexpected. True Republicans throughout the world witnessed with total amazement their groveling to the ancient Irish enemy and their unionist counterparts in the months leading up to this foul act. Why do these people now not do the honourable thing and come clean with their supporters and tell them that their objective to an end to British rule is now at an end.

Despite the fact that they participated in this act of treason, they have still failed miserably in their attempts to resurrect the foreign parliament which they were proud to resurrect in 1998. But whilst cooperating fully with the enemy, their new-found law enforcers were at the same time harassing true Republicans in many parts of the country.

We note the CIRA denial of recent reports regarding a ceasefire using Monsignor Faul as a conduit, and we note also the categorical denial by Monsignor Faul that any such negotiations or contact took place.

We witnessed also on the global scene continued repression of weaker states by super powers. We witnessed the continued torture and mutilation of innocent Iraqi men, women and children by a Bush/Blair Administration in a totally ruthless manner. We have also witnessed them threatening other countries throughout the world with similar action. We urge weaker countries on the global stage to resist such threats and call on all fair-minded leaderships to disown themselves from such threats.

The terrible tragedy of the recent bombing in Madrid, while not in any way condonable, is a reaction to the continued Bush/Blair policies. The efforts by the Spanish authorities after the bombings to immediately implicate the Basque separatist group ETA brought about their failure to be returned to government. We urge people from all countries to show their dissatisfaction with the Bush/Blair policies by doing the same as the Spanish people did.

True Republicans during the last 12 months have been subjected to continued harassment from Crown agents on both sides of the Border, and we have seen a number of cases against true Republicans withdrawn and dropped by prosecutors on both sides of the Border. No doubt these practices will continue and we caution all our followers to be extremely vigilant in the months and years ahead against this practice. The RUC still exists, and remain a bigoted repressive force and still the eyes and ears of their imperial masters.

We extend warm greetings to our comrades in Portlaoise and Maghaberry prisons. We acknowledge the courage of our prisoners in Maghaberry and their families last year in their success and efforts to achieve political segregation. Having endured attempts by pro-Crown agents to intimidate, demonise and degrade our comrades and their families they have shown great resolve. We salute those in Maghaberry and Portlaoise for the example they have shown. While we are aware of the draconian measures that are afoot by the British State to have the power to relocate those in custody to any prison in Britain, let them be under no illusion, we have resisted you at every juncture in history, you will not succeed.

Resistance is alive and well! We recognise the resistance of both the Continuity IRA and Republican Sinn Féin who continue in the struggle to rid Ireland of the oppressive force. It is worth noting that the Republican Movement is going through a difficult phase but there have been darker days than these and we once again assert our right to continue for National Independence. We encourage those disillusioned by the path Republicanism is taking to come out from the cold and actively support the efforts of true Republicanism. We recognise this may prove somewhat difficult for some, but the Republican Movement is much bigger than one man or woman, everyone has a part to play.

Continued reference to true Republicans as ‘dissidents’ is a blatant attempt by the pro-Brit/Provisional alliance to marginalise and minimalise our efforts. The only dissidents are those who deviated off the path of active and committed resistance in favour of lucrative salaries from an English Queen in a British Stormont, a far cry from a 32-County socialist and democratic Republic.

-- Issued by the Leadership of the Republican Movement, Easter 2004.

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