**This is not a political message, but you ARE using a computer to read this, so I would like to alert you to an extreme menace to your PC's health. Under no circumstances should you download Incredimail to your machine or any other HOTBAR related program--no smiley programs or search aids (except for the Google Toolbar), etc. (you can use your own smileys you save from reputable sites). I have spent countless hours cleaning HOTBAR off of friends' and co-workers' machines when the HOTBAR program has reproduced (and I mean BIGTIME) and filled up their hard drives to the point where they are frozen. Malware is always a problem and should be dealt with by using programs like SPYBOT Search and Destroy and CLEANUP, but many people think Incredimail is legit. It is NOT. In some cases you can mess up your IE so bad it won't work without the hijacking spyware and you will have to use another browser (recommended anyway). I just wanted to tell you this so your machine will stay healthy. If you need any help, email me. Lecture over.

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