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A Bren gun was seized following the search of a house
Loyalist paramilitaries have been dealt a "severe blow" following the recovery of a heavy duty machinegun in County Antrim, police have said.

The Bren machinegun was seized during a search of a house at Ballyclough Road near Bushmills on Tuesday.

A police spokesman said it was found as part of ongoing investigations into current and past loyalist paramilitary activity in the Ballymoney and Moyle areas.

Detective Inspector Nicholas McCaw said, "I firmly believe that this morning's weapon find has dealt a severe blow to loyalist paramilitaries operating in the north Antrim area."

He said he was "delighted that this firearm has been taken out of the hands of ruthless people who would readily use it to inflict death and injury".

Police are continuing inquiries into the matter.


Irish Examiner

27 April 2004
By Dan Buckley

**Click here for activist link Save the Tara-Skreen Valley

THE plan to run a new motorway between the hills of Tara and Skryne in Co Meath is to be challenged in the High Court unless a compromise can be reached within the next week.
Representatives of the campaign to save the archaeologically rich site are due to meet the Oireachtas sub-committee on the environment and local government tomorrow in a last-ditch effort to avoid litigation.

The delegation will include academic experts as well as campaign members.

They will demand that Environment Minister Martin Cullen revoke the excavation licences and challenge the NRA on the impact of construction of the M3 motorway.

However, Vincent Salafia, PRO of the campaign, has made it clear to the council that, unless the construction plans are changed, proceedings will be issued immediately seeking an injunction to prohibit any works being carried out in the valley.

Meath County Council and the National Roads Authority have been issued with a solicitor’s letter threatening legal action if they proceed with excavations.

“The monuments in this valley are an integral part of the archaeological complex that forms the Hill of Tara national monument,” the letter said, claiming the proposed works would be illegal under the National Monuments Acts.

Academic experts on Tara have described the valley as a unique landscape deserving of the highest level of protection and want Tara designated a World Heritage Site.

Dr Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, spokeswoman for the campaign group, Save the Tara-Skryne Valley, said it had been “proven that there are huge scientific problems with the current plans for the M3. We want to begin formal negotiations, not litigation”.

Local politicians have come out against the proposed route. The former Taoiseach John Bruton said: “My worry is that the choice of this particular route will result in far greater expenditure and a slower completion of the new road.”

The plan would be a “massive national and international tragedy” according to academic experts.

Brendan Myers of the department of philosophy at University College Galway said any commercial development along with a motorway would be “enormously tragic for the national character of Ireland”.



04/27/04 07:38 EST

The British and Irish governments will chair talks in
Belfast today on the future of the Belfast Agreement as
Sinn Féin continued to criticise a commission that
threatened to name alleged senior IRA members.

The review of the agreement was resuming at Stormont as the
US special envoy to Northern Ireland arrived for
discussions with the Assembly parties.

The envoy, Mr Mitchell Reiss, was expected to hear Sinn
Féin concerns about the impact on the peace process of last
week's report by the Independent Monitoring Commission

London and Dublin recently cancelled plans for intensive
talks this week to move the process forward.

As his party prepared for meetings today with the two
governments and Mr Reiss at Stormont, Sinn Féin Assembly
member Alex Maskey said they had "a number of concerns".

The South Belfast MLA said: "There is a feeling that the
British and Irish governments have become somewhat
disengaged from the political process and there is a need
for them to focus on what needs to be done. Commitments
made in the Good Friday Agreement six years ago and since
then still have to be delivered. The Independent
Monitoring Commission's report has also polluted the
atmosphere. We are in a situation were three men in
Columbia were cleared by a court in Bogota of training

"What people need to remember is the same spooks, spies and
securocrats who provided sections of the media with
scareless briefings about the men and what they were
supposed to have been doing are the same spies, spooks and
securocrats who supplied information that went into last
week`s IMC report."

"Sinn Féin's position is that we cannot allow these
problems to slow down and undermine the process and we want
to sort them out," said Maskey.


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