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McCann Says 'Arrest George Bush'
Tuesday 25th May 2004

The candidate for the Socialist Environmental Alliance in the forthcoming European Elections, Eamonn McCann has said that US President George Bush should be arrested on his arrival in Ireland next month.

Mr. McCann said: "To describe Bush as a murderer isn't a matter of rhetoric. His administration has declared open season on Arabs.

"US forces slaughter innocent Iraqis at will, then libel the dead even as mourning begins. Bush promotes Sharon as a "man of peace," while the Israeli army treats Palestinians the way Nazis treated Jews."

He added: "Racist mass murder is now the hallmark of the US role across the Middle East. Millions of Americans, probably a majority, are as revolted as the rest of us by the spectacle.

"In what grotesque world of inverted morality do we live that massive security is mounted to shield Bush from justice while he's within the range of Irish law? Ought not the priority be to bring him to account for his crimes?"

Eamonn McCann went on: "On his last visit to Ireland, local leaders lined up at Hillsborough in docile formation to be lectured by Bush about the necessity of peace.

"The SEA invites them to join with us now in repudiating that view of Bush, and calling on the Ahern government to declare him persona non grata.

"If Ahern welcomes Bush, we ask other parties to join with us in seeking to have him detained. The US doesn't recognise the International Criminal Court. But Southern Ireland does. Bush should be arrested and handed over to it.

"The SEA is currently in discussion with other anti-war campaigners and legal advisers about the technical details of bringing this about."

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