Attack proves PSNI are not wanted claims Assemblyman

New Barnsley barracks hit by petrol bombs

A weekend petrol bomb attack on New Barnsley barracks proves how unacceptable the PSNI is to the nationalist community, a West Belfast MLA has claimed.

On Saturday night the Springfield Road barracks was hit with two petrol bombs.

In the wake of the attack a spokesperson for the PSNI urged the local community to remain calm – a statement that has been scoffed at by Sinn Féin.

Assemblyman Michael Ferguson says that although the petrol bombing of New Barnsley was unfortunate, it is proof that the PSNI is still unacceptable to nationalists.

“The issue here is why did someone feel the need to throw a petrol bomb at New Barnsley barracks?” said Mr Ferguson. “People in West Belfast have, and still are, suffering at the hands of the PSNI, Special Branch and its political masters.

“The current policing arrangements remain totally unacceptable to the nationalist community. Until we have the full implementation of the Patten report public opinion will stay the same.”

Journalist:: Ciaran Barnes

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