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by Chris Fogarty

BRITAIN’S RECONQUEST of Ireland is nearly complete. Its centuries-long “right” to murder in Ireland which was opposed in recent years is now being reestablished. The deadliest car bombings and other chief massacres of the past thirty-five years are now in their final phase of cover-up via “official investigations” and “reinvestigations.” The Irish, US and Irish-American news media all cover up the fact that British forces, since 1968, murdered 153 of the total of 173 murdered children and six-sevenths of the total of all murders. Meanwhile they apply the “terrrorist” label to the Irish, the terrorists’ victims. Innocent Irish are convicted of “conspiracy” when there is no evidence against them, while the few British soldiers convicted of murder become English media heroes free to murder elsewhere. I just received four photos and two maps showing where some SAS terrorists buried their (Irish) victims. One photo caption reads; “The place on White Hill where the SAS unit parked their car before making their victims walk the few hundred yards to their place of execution on the edge of the wood.” (The Nemesis File) Though the IRA had fought the British army to a stand-still in this post-’69 phase of the war, the Brits end up the victors. It was through its spooks and the news media that Britain won. Like the Zionists, the Brits managed, through news media, to choose who would speak for their victims. By 1973, whether through bribery or blackmail, Britain got the 26-County gov’t and news media to routinely blame the IRA for atrocities perpetrated by Brits. It is a stunning victory for the Big Lie that, after more than 800 years of Britain’s genocidal violence in Ireland, they managed to get this phase of it blamed upon the Irish. (For the truth of it see www.terrorismireland.org.) Among the most effective of British operatives were Ireland’s Catholic bishops and many of its priests; but that’s not new. The hierarchy have been abetting the genocide of Ireland since 1795 when the Brits ended their practice of giving bounties for the severed heads of Catholic bishops and priests. Cardinal O Fiach (RIP) is reported to be the first bishop in Ireland since 1795 not short-listed (pre-selected) by the Brits to the Pope. He was honest and is greatly missed.

IRELAND’S CURRENT SURRENDER was engineered by MI5 operating through Fr. Alex Reid of Belfast’s Clonard monastery. Reid then managed to subvert Gerry Adams for MI5. It was Britain’s network of collaborators who, Soviet-style, arranged for the news media to stampede the Irish in both parts of their partitioned country to “Vote YES for Peace” re the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). This “Agreement” is a Brit document. It is comprised of 68 pages of aspirational bafflegab that concealed one-third of a page of clear text. That partial page is an unambiguous commitment to strip Articles 2 and 3 from the Irish Constitution; thus handing over the 6-Counties to Britain. Gerry Adams’ “Provos,” now enforce British rule in Ireland, shooting and knee-capping Irish republicans exclusively; those who reject his sell-out and still demand Irish national self-determination. Thus, the centuries-long British tradition of murder in Ireland continues; but, as the Brits once paid the mercenary RIC to terrorize their fellow Irish into silence, they now get Adams’s group to do so. By means of an Adams gang the Brits murdered John O’Connor of Belfast, and they knee-capped McCall just last month. Thus, the Crown is in full control of all of Ireland again (it has controlled the 26 Counties gov’t since 1923 excepting a brief period some sixty years ago).

THE “REPUBLIC” never did achieve national self-determination. The British, prior to its army’s 1923 departure, had instigated a bloody civil war in Ireland; a war over Britain’s 1920 partition of Ireland. On one side were Ireland’s patriots; the Padraig Pearse/Cathal Brugh faction insisting upon basic democracy – national self-determination. The other side was comprised of those willing to accept partition. These were paid and/or munitioned by Britain. They were comprised of the news media, Catholic hierarchy, and forces led by Michael Collins and Mulcahy. Though the IRA killed Collins, his and Mulcahy’s treasonous Free State army prevailed and became today’s Irish army. This traitorous faction froze out Ireland’s patriots by denying livelihoods to them. By 1924-25 the patriots were being starved and marginalized out of Ireland. I knew some of them here in Chicago. A few lived until recent years. They were Ireland’s Best and were great Americans; intelligent, unassuming and morally-developed to the max. We may never again witness such splendor.

IRELAND’S STREET NAMES to this day, many of them, commemorate British genocidists and empire battle sites. Are there streets in Hiroshima and Nagasaki similarly named for the pilot and crew of the Enola Gay that A-bombed them? Are there streets in Hanoi named for General Westmoreland? Is there a Lt. Calley Street in My Lai? What about streets across Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Burma, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Cyprus and Kuwait? Do they, too, commemorate the Brits who once tried to exterminate them? Are there Adolph Hitler streets in Poland and France? Not very likely. What’s wrong with Ireland? Nobody I know in Ireland supports those Brits who tried repeatedly to wipe out the Irish. But evidently they do exist.

IRELAND’S QUISLINGS have been in place from day one. Many are of the old Brit remnant whose ancestors didn’t flee Ireland after “independence.” They possess Ireland’s largest farms and custodial sectors (insurance, banking, brokerages, newspapers, mills, etc) Their accent is rare; unlike any I ever heard in my ten years in Ireland. It’s so distinct as to be named “the Dublin 4 accent.” Dublin 4 is Dublin’s southside along the coast heavily populated by the Brit Ascendancy many of whose descendants remain there. It is the Brit/Irish hybrid accent affected by Consuls General, Aer Lingus (“goss mosques”)and Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE). An odd feature of that accent is that two Irish immigrant brothers here in Chicago speak with a true Irish accent. But their sister who is an RTE news reader speaks with an accent nothing like theirs or, for that matter, like the one she was raised with. Other quislings are of Irish descent. For example, the infamous Conor Cruise O’Brien, though Irish, is the third generation of a quisling family. As Ireland’s Minister of communications he arranged for the gardaí to threaten anyone who’d sing patriot ballads in pubs. He also threatened to lock up writers of letters to editors if they advocated Irish freedom. Eamonn McThomás, editor of An Phoblacht newspaper was jailed for some two years to silence him. Enforcers of Brit control in Ireland have always been rewarded; from official sources. One can only speculate as to how Chicago’s Irish Heritage Center came to choose Conor C. O’Brien to “educate” us all on Finlay Peter Dunne and Irish history (on the day Mary Robinson visited). A few days later in his (London) Times column he described his Heritage Center collaborators as moderates and slurred as “provos” those who protested the Hrtge.Cntr’s misrepresenting him as an “Irish Statesman.” Those same “moderates,” five years after the MacBride Principles were finally enacted into Illinois law, bravely issued a non-binding Hrtge Cntr resolution in favor of it!

GERRY McGEOUGH exemplifies the current plight of Ireland’s patriots. He was born in Occupied Co. Tyrone and as a teen-ager rebelled against Brit genocidists in his area. We remember his missives from the German prison where he spent some four years. Then we remember how the Germans had to release him; but extradited him to the US to face charges of attempting to acquire weapons for the IRA; and how Federal collaborators with the genocidists sent him to Long Kesh prison whence, after a few years more, the Brits amnestied him under the main GFA sop to the Irish. Upon release, he attended Trinity College, got credentials and became a history teacher in a Dublin secondary school. As if part of an evil, old tape running since 1923, the school administration learned of his exemplary patriotism; for which they immediately fired him.

LET’S UNDERSTAND THIS fully. For supposedly trying to provide the means of self-defense to his fellow Occupied Irish, he was imprisoned for years, first in Germany and then extradited to imprisonment in the U.S. and finally to a prison in Occupied Ireland. How can it be that such a paragon is punished even in his own country by bureaucrats? How did the noble sacrifices of so many young Irish volunteers’ lives, especially since 1968, result in such a debacle? Rather then point fingers, let’s focus on what must be done to end Britain’s “right-to-murder” in Ireland.

IRELAND’S CURRENT PLIGHT is thus clear. Britain’s centuries-long tradition of murder with impunity in it is newly reestablished. What can we do? First, let’s review what we are already doing well.

IRISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC is on a roll. So is dance. They give us the beauty and glimpses of eternity that we so need. It was only recently that I learned that angels dance. Mary and I are both witnesses. At Lanigan’s Pub on St. Patrick’s night, celestial beings danced to heavenly music. Words fail. We heard that some are nieces of the great Michael Flatley. Last Sunday Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill mesmerized a packed Old Town School of Folk Music. Next door at Grafton Pub was Patrick Finnegan and other musicians including many children, making exquisite music. Music at Nevin’s Pub in Evanston is a joy on Sunday afternoons. The GAA, similarly, reinforces Irish self-identity. In sports and the arts Irish identity is fully realized in Chicago and the US. The survival of the Irish as such is not in any danger in this regard. So how do we end Britain’s tradition of murder in Ireland?

EDUCATION, TRUTH-TELLING are the only means; at least for now. Subjugated people usually must use guns to free themselves; but the Big Lie (of “IRA terrorism”) has such a grip on Ireland (and even on Irish-America) that, for now, our primary target must be the Lie itself. Each of us must take responsibility to correct persons who refer to the Irish or the IRA as “terrorist.” We must especially contact TV and print editors and demand corrections to such falsehoods.

INTEGRITY. We must follow the noble example set by John O’Grady. When the Hrtge Cntr mis-advertised Conor C. O’Brien as “Irish Statesman and historian” O’Grady did the right thing. As a board member, he objected to disinforming the public so. The rest of the board had to make a choice; but they chose to continue with the Big Lie; and O’Grady departed the board. CCO’B vindicated his critics by co-founding the United Kingdom Unionist party. O’Grady’s integrity is an inspiration to us all. We are already the majority; let us oust the quislings who occupy key positions.

OLD ST. PATRICK CHURCH, as Irish-Catholicism’s main shrine in heartland America, must be reconsecrated as a place of Truth and Honor. How sacrilegious that its altar is used to launch Brit-type falsifications of Irish history that serve only to abet Britain’s murder policy.

CHICAGO IRISH RADIO must become disseminators of truth. It nearly alone, I believe, will free Ireland once it begins to educate Chicago’s Irish about the Six Counties. Two of its announcers once went so far as to opine on air that the “famine” Irish suffering was far less than that of WW2 Jews. Another recounted how a Kerry woman married a man from Tyrone where they lived the rest of their lives to became “Britain’s longest wed couple” (thus promoting Britain’s claim that Tyrone is in Britain; not Ireland). The BritIrish gov’t’s hand is obviously acting there. My repeated correspondence to the Consul Gen was repeatedly answered, not by him or his office, but, bizarrely, by the daughter of a radio show host.

OUR DUTY AS CITIZENS is clear. Our gov’t is not, as I once believed, on “automatic pilot.” We must take some responsibility for its policies. It is outrageous that members of the 9/11 Investigation Committee have lauded Britain’s murderous MI5 and have proposed that our spook agencies be replaced by an MI5-like organization. There seems to be no gov’t awareness that FBI agent Buckley and his gang were working for MI5 when they committed their crimes in Chicago, Winnetka and Ireland. Law-abiding agent Joe Doyle alerted us of MI5 involvement even before the crimes began. After their successful Omagh atrocity murder of twenty-nine, to be blamed, like the Winnetka massacre, on the IRA, they did succeed in framing a republican, Michael McKevitt, for it. Were the MI5/FBI criminals arrested in Chicago, they would not have been free to perpetrate Omagh and blame it on the IRA and McKevitt. During our Chicago trial preparation Buckley denied involvement with MI5; but later at the McKevitt trial MI5’s key role was officially revealed. As gov’t employees, FBI agents are our servants. But they routinely perjure themselves and fabricate evidence, all with impunity while any of us will go to prison if we lie to them! Who is the servant here? Let us go to work and demolish the Big Lie by following the selfless example set by John O’Grady. The truth will do the rest.

WHO STARVED your relatives? See www.irishholocaust.org.
Reach me at fogarty@ix.netcom.com .

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