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By Stephen Breen
23 May 2004

CEMETERY killer Michael Stone has been forced to hand over a slice of the proceeds from his explosive biography.

Sunday Life can reveal, that Stone's publishers paid out £5,000 to a man the loyalist paramilitary wrongly accused of being a top Provo in the book, None Shall Divide Us.

Leading London-based publishing firm, Blake, settled out of court, after the Belfast man's legal team threatened to sue for libel.

The man, who is understood to have grown up with Stone, in his old east Belfast stomping-ground, denies being a senior member of the IRA. He claimed the book - exclusively serialised in the Sunday Life - had put his life in danger.

This latest development comes, after it emerged that the former UFF killer, may be forced to repay the government the £30,000 compensation paid to the widow of one of his victims.

Ann-Marie McErlean, whose husband, Thomas, was killed at Milltown cemetery, is challenging the Compensation Agency's refusal to go after Stone, because there was nothing to indicate they would make a "substantial recovery".

The graveyard killer is also set to face legal action from former lovers over the book.

It is believed the terrorist romeo's former partners have told Blake, that it was "irresponsible" to publish details of his relationships.

When we contacted Stone about the latest development, he confirmed the man he had named in his book, had received £5,000 from his publishers.

Said Stone: "I only found out about this myself in the last few days. I'm not very happy about it, but it's true.

"People think I have made a fortune from this book, but I have hardly made anything.

"I thought we could have challenged the man's claim in court, but I'm not the publisher.

"I wrote the book to tell my story as a loyalist, because there are far too many stories about republicans, and people in the UK need to know where people like me are coming from."

A spokesman for Blake refused to comment.

It is of course ludicrous that Michael Stone, who is hated by the republicans/Sinn Fein/IRA because he was the only loyalist smart enough to draw some real Fenian blood (not enough but some); everyone knows the loyalists are a bunch of assholes who can't even make bombs that work right that Middle-Eastern children know how to make. Look at how they squandered the Widow Scallan's incident. If they had had a car/truck bomb, they could/probably would have caused sufficient damage so as to avenge Brighton, but of course they didn't. Funny how Michael Stone is a "terrorist", but Brian Keenan, Malachy O'Kane, Martina Anderson, the Balcombe Street 4, etc. are not referred to in that way.
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