Tomorrow marks the 23rd anniversary of the deaths of two brave republicans on hunger strike. On that day May 21, 1981, Raymond McCreesh, the third IRA volunteer to join the H-Block hunger strike for political status, died at 2 a.m. after 61 days on hunger strike. Patsy O'Hara, former leader of the Irish National Liberation Army prisoners in the H-Blocks, also joined Raymond on hunger strike on the same day, and like Raymond, died on May 21, 1981 at 11.29 p.m. "Even in death his tortures would not let him rest. When the O'Hara family received his remains in the early hours of the following morning, his nose had been broken and his corpse bore several burn marks inflicted after his death." (Originally from the An Cumann Cabhrach brochure of 1981 as reprinted in the TAL Fanzine, which I cannot find a copy of this year.--Biographies from Larkspirit.)

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