IRA bomb blast horse dies aged 36

17 June 2004

Four men and seven horses died in the Hyde Park blast in July 1982

The last horse to survive an IRA nail-bomb attack in London's Hyde Park more than 20 years ago has died peacefully.

Yeti, of the Household Cavalry, escaped physically unharmed from the blast, which killed four men and seven horses.

He was traumatised but returned to service until 1986 when he retired to the Home of Rest for Horses, Buckinghamshire, where he died aged 36.

A car bomb exploded as Blues and Royals troopers made their way to the Changing of the Guard ceremony on July 20, 1982.

Sefton, a Household Cavalry horse badly injured in the blast, became a national hero after recovering from his wounds.

'Old gentleman'

He retired to the same home as Yeti, near Princes Risborough, along with Echo, a Metropolitan Police horse also wounded in the blast.

Echo and Sefton have since passed away.

The home's chief executive, Brigadier Paul Jepson, called 16-hand high Yeti "the epitome of a grand old gentleman, increasingly frail but never losing his zest for life and never, ever forgetting his manners".

Yeti's memory is sure to live on, however, as, according to a Household Cavalry tradition, another horse will now bear his name.

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