Sinn Féin to gain from FF losses
13/06/2004 - 10:07:01

As counting resumes in the local elections today, Fianna Fáil is bracing itself for major losses.

With 190 of about 900 seats now filled, early indications are that the party will lose a large number of its seats in local councils, including up to half of its councillors in Dublin City.

The vote in Limerick City has reportedly collapsed, while it seems the party will struggle to keep at least two of its seats on Cork City Council.

The party that seems to benefit most from the drop in Fianna Fáil's vote is Sinn Féin.

It is in the running for a number of seats in areas where it has never been represented before.

Fine Gael appears to have polled well, and should hold onto their strong position since the 1999 local elections.

Labour are also doing well, and are set to become the largest party on Dublin City Council.

The Greens are under pressure to hold their seats in a number of constituencies, while the Progressive Democrats have not made much progress. Independent candidates have also polled well.

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