Three arrested after entering Shannon exclusion zone
25/06/2004 - 15:39:46

Peace campaigner Ed Horgan was one of three people arrested today in Shannon where the Irish security operation for the US-EU summit was under way.

Gardaí confirmed three people were arrested on a boat at the Shannon Estuary, which is beside the airport where US President George W Bush will fly into later today.

The two men and one woman were taken to Foynes Garda Station in Limerick were they were being held for questioning.

Mr Horgan, a retired army commandant from Co Limerick, launched a court action against the Government last year for allowing Shannon Airport to be used as a refuelling stop for US planes bound for Iraq.

A Defence Forces spokesman said gardaí were on board the naval ships patrolling the exclusion zone in the estuary near Shannon Airport,

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