Ulster First Flute

Courtesy of the Parades Commission, it’s céad míle fáilte to West Belfast this weekend for Sandy Row’s finest...

A local loyalist pipe band has given a two-fingered salute to the Parades Commission by allowing a UFF-supporting Sandy Row band to take part in a weekend interface parade.

In its ruling giving the go-ahead to Saturday’s controversial parade and band competition on the Blacks Road, the Parades Commission ordered the organisers – Upper Falls Protestant Boys – to allow no bands taking part to wear “paramilitary-style clothing” and a ban has also been slapped on bands displaying “items relating to a proscribed organisation”.

But as our picture shows, the initials of one of the marching bands, Ulster First Flute, spell UFF, while the crest on the band’s banner is that of the Ulster Freedom Fighters and its members march not in the traditional ornate tunics, but in paramilitary-style clothing with dark glasses and black caps bearing the UFF insignia.

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