The latest victim of allegations that he was a British army spy has fiercely denied he was ever on the payroll of the Force Research Unit working with Peter Keeley aka Kevin Fulton.
Carrick Hill man Joe Haughey said he was devastated by the latest accusations and said he feared for the safety of his family.
The 51-year-old, who survived several murder attempts by loyalist paramilitaries, rubbished the claims he was a British spy posted on the controversial website cryptome which were reproduced by a Sunday newspaper.
“I want to state categorically that these are lies and scandalous allegations,” said Joe Haughey last night. “I was in Paris working as a labourer in the 1990s after I was shot by loyalists. At no time did I have any dealings with Peter Keeley who I knew as an acquaintance. I didn’t know anything about him. A story broke in one of the British papers that I was part of an IRA active service unit.
“That was completely untrue and I had to come back home. This latest thing is devastating for the safety of my family and I have had to review my personal security.
“I have been involved in the Republican Movement for most of my life and I am pro-Good Friday Agreement and committed to peace. The sad thing is that I know I haven’t been the first to be named, and there will be others behind me.”
Sinn Féin justice spokesman Gerry Kelly accused British intelligence of being involved in a dirty tricks campaign against republicans to destabilise the peace process. “British intelligence maliciously leak and brief misinformation to create crises in the peace process and to bolster anti-agreement elements,” said Gerry Kelly.
“People are asking who the next victim of British state intelligence briefings will be.”

Journalist:: Andrea McKernon

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