Motorists were pelted with stones on the Boucher Road this week by loyalist youths involved in building a bonfire – in the heart of a retail park.

Cars were pelted with stones as they drove along the Boucher Road on Tuesday evening.

The youths are building the bonfire in land which has been earmarked for a brand new retail park.

A proposal for Phase 2 of Boucher Plaza is currently under consideration from the Planning Service.

The bonfire site, which is adjacent to the first phase of Boucher Plaza, is bedecked with UVF and Young Citizen Volunteer (YCV) flags and bears sectarian graffiti including the slogan KAT – Kill All Taigs.

Sinn Féin MLA Michael Ferguson has called on the company responsible for the land to remove the bonfire.

“I was contacted by one of my constituents who said that cars were being stoned by youths gathered at this site on Tuesday night,” said Councillor Ferguson.

“It is worrying that in the heart of a retail park used by everyone in the city, a bonfire has been set up in intimidating circumstances.

“The site is flagged and daubed with offensive graffiti and this is something that will not do the business sector any favours.

“The organisers of this bonfire need to consider celebrating their culture in other ways that are not a danger to the community.”

A spokeswoman for BTW Sheills, the letting agents for the land, said that she had no comment to make.

Journalist:: Roisin Cox

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