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Sinn Féin has accused British security forces in
the North of harrassing voters and photographing them at
polling stations.

As voting began, West Belfast Assembly member Mr Michael
Ferguson of Sinn Féin said members of the PSNI had been
reported filing and photographing voters and cars outside St
Aidan's Primary School on the Springfield Road this morning.

He said: "This sort of blatant intelligence gathering is
unacceptable and is clearly designed to intimidate voters
from going to the polls."

Earlier, the party's mid-Ulster representative for the
party, Mr Francie Molloy, said the British army was
intimidating voters at a polling station in Dungannon, Co

"This morning two British Army landrovers surrounded the
Sinn Féin election caravan parked outside Saggart Polling
station in Dungannon", he said.

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