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14/06/2004 - 2:37:51 PM

Ex-IRA man's Saville evidence a 'pack of lies'

An ex-IRA man who claimed Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuiness handed out nail bombs on the morning of Bloody Sunday was branded a liar today by his former father-in-law.

In evidence to the Bloody Sunday inquiry last year Paddy Ward said Mr McGuiness gave him detonators for 16 nail bombs on the morning of civil rights march, which ended with paratroopers shooting dead 13 civilians on January 30 1972.

Mr McGuinness has strenuously denied the accusation.

Today Daniel McGilloway, whose daughter was married to, but now separated from Paddy Ward, rejected further evidence given by Ward.

Mr McGilloway refuted allegations by Ward to the inquiry that, after the shootings on Bloody Sunday, he [Ward] had run through Mr McGilloway’s home in the Bogside carrying a rifle, went into the back garden where he fired two shots at a military helicopter.

Mr McGilloway told the inquiry at the Guildhall in Derry that it simply never happened. “He just wasn’t there.”

He said: “You would not forget something like Bloody Sunday or a man with a rifle in your house.”

Mr McGilloway declared: “I do not know why Paddy Ward is telling these lies. He is the biggest liar ever and this story of him coming to our house is a whole pack of lies.”

The inquiry was adjourned until Wednesday.

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