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THOUSANDS of people are expected to attend three major novenas taking place this month providing "strong evidence of the continued strength of traditional devotions and popular piety in Ireland".

The novenas are run by the Redemptorists at Clonard, Co Antrim, Limerick city, and Esker, Co Galway.

A novena consists of nine days of prayer for help with a specific problem.

The biggest novena, which began on Wednesday, centres on Clonard Monastery and is expected to attract an average of 15,000 people each day.

Fr Seamus Enright, who helps to organise the novenas, said they are "bucking the trend towards lower church attendance".

"Obviously the crowds are not as big as they were 30 years ago, but they have more than held their own over the last five years against all the other trends facing the Church."

David Quinn
Religious Affairs Correspondent

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