Judge Peter Cory, who investigated the controversial murder of
Pat Finucane, has revealed that documents relating to the
conspiracy to kill the Belfast defense lawyer were seen by the
British government cabinet.

The Canadian judge told a British television documentary about
the documents, which he accessed during his investigation on the
1989 murder.

Britain's most senior police officer, John Stevens, has already
confirmed that elements of the RUC Special Branch police colluded
with the unionist paramilitary UDA in the killing. But there is
widespread belief that the collusion went to the highest level of
the British establishment.

Former UDA man Ken Barrett, the alleged gunman who shot Mr
Finucane, is facing trial this year in a case which the British
goverment has used to delay a decision on an inquiry.

The Judge has strongly criticised the British government's
continuing efforts to avoid holding a public inquiry into the
Finucane killing, reneging on a commitment made in negotiations
at Weston Park in England almost three years ago.

Last night Mr Finuane's son Michael repeated his family's
concerns: "The people who pulled the trigger are not the most
important, it's the people who pulled the strings."

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP said it was "now beyond any
doubt" that the British government colluded in the murder of

"We have raised this issue at every meeting we have had with the
British government. There can be no more excuses. The British
government should immediately initiate a public inquiry into the
killing of Pat Finucane.

"Judge Cory's revelations that he has seen documents prepared for
the British cabinet provide compelling evidence of the need for a
public inquiry."

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