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13 June 2004

A SPECIAL Mass will be held in Co Down next Friday for the victims of one of the last major atrocities of the Troubles.

The church service has been organised to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Loughinisland pub massacre.

Relatives of the victims, who lost their lives when UVF gunmen burst into the Heights Bar on June 18, 1994, will be joined by local politicians.

Six men died after the loyalist killers sprayed the quiet Co Down bar, where locals had been watching the Ireland-Italy World Cup match.

The victims included 87-year-old Barney Green, one of the oldest people to be murdered during the Troubles.

The anniversary Mass comes after we revealed last month that fresh information on the atrocity was set to be presented to Police Ombudsman.

New details on the loyalist attack were unearthed, by SDLP Assemblyman, Eamonn O'Neill, and later delivered to Nuala O'Loan's office.

Although former LVF leader Billy 'King Rat' Wright and notorious UVF killer Robin 'The Jackal' Jackson were the main suspects, no one has ever been charged with the killings.

Local SDLP councillor, Patsy Toman, told Sunday Life many of the families were still "angry" that no one had been brought to justice for the atrocity.

Said Mr Toman: "The massacre is still very vivid in the minds of the villagers, and the people who were brutally murdered will never be forgotten.

"Relatives have been trying to get their lives together, and many feel the atrocity has been one of the forgotten tragedies of the Troubles.

"It may be 10 years on, but families still need closure and they are not going to get this until someone is brought to justice for this awful crime.

"I can't understand how the police never prosecuted anyone, especially with the technological and DNA advances they have made in recent years.

"The families have every right to demand justice and it would be good news on the 10th anniversary if they could get this."

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