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INLA's chilling warning if trouble erupts during marching season

28 June 2004

ARMED INLA terrorists last night vowed to patrol the streets of Belfast's interface areas, over the marching season.

A spokesman for the terror group - blamed for this month's murder of drug baron, Kevin McAlorum - told Sunday Life it will "retaliate" if trouble erupts at flashpoint areas in the city.

The warning was issued after senior security sources told us the renegade republican group has received permission from the IRA, to target loyalist gunmen if nationalist communities come under attack, next month.

Although leading Provos will continue to "monitor" interface areas during parades, the terror group's members have been warned not to get involved in sectarian violence, because of the ongoing peace process.

But the INLA spokesman claimed its members had the weapons to "protect" nationalist communities, and warned leading members of the UDA and UVF they would be targeted if trouble flared.

Sources claimed the terror group has just received a consignment of weapons from English-based crime gangs.

Said the paramilitary leader: "We hope there will be a peaceful summer, like last year - but we won't stand idly by, if nationalist areas come under attack from loyalists.

"We think it is important to have our men on the ground over the marching season, because we have a duty to protect vulnerable nationalist areas.

"We will be trying to keep our people restrained, but we won't need permission from anyone to protect our people if they come under attack."

This latest development comes after hopes of a peaceful marching season suffered a setback, after a gang of parade hangers-on went on the rampage at a north Belfast hospital, last week.

Up to 40 youths, who had been following the flashpoint Tour of the North parade, were involved in disturbances at the Mater Hospital, after breaking away from the march.

We also revealed last week how a senior UDA brigadier told Sunday Life it had no plans to engineer street confrontations over the summer.

The brigadier said the organisation would probably agree to send members to 'police' Orange Order parades over the marching season.

"We don't want to see our areas engulfed in violence over the summer, despite what some people have been reporting," he said.

"We are hoping that there'll be a peaceful summer this year, and that parades are allowed to go ahead and pass off peacefully."

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