Loyalists blamed for gun attack

A County Armagh man whose home was targeted by gunmen has blamed loyalist paramilitaries for the attack.

William Doak was at home with his wife and three-year-old daughter when a shotgun was fired at their house in the Parkmore area of Craigavon at about 2245 BST on Tuesday.

Mr Doak says he has been targeted in the past but has no idea why his family has been singled out.

The police say they are not treating the incident as sectarian.

Windows at the front and back of the house were smashed in the attack.

DUP councillor Robert Smith said there had been at least three serious attacks in the area this year.

"This madness must stop and I would plead with these people to stop what they are doing before someone is either seriously hurt or indeed someone or some child loses their life," he said.

"We can't go about firing guns and shooting up people's homes without a consequence of someone possibly getting seriously hurt or killed."

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