**Personally, I think any group of people who feels the need to get out on the frigging street and parade up and down like a pack of morons every 5 minutes and waste money, resources and time in security ops to protect their sorry asses are ludicrous and beneath contempt. If that is the only way I could show my so-called culture, I would feel embarrassed. There are more constructive ways to celebrate ones culture than with all this parades shite.

Parade passes without incident

The parade passed off peacefully through the east of the city

An Orange Order parade through east Belfast has passed off peacefully.

Hundreds of people lined the route as the parade made its way along the Albertbridge Road and onto the Ravenhill Road on Thursday.

Earlier in the evening the Army and police mounted a huge security operation which completely cordoned off the Short Strand area.

Large metal shutters and land-rovers along the road screened the march from the nationalist area.

The Short Strand residents staged a peaceful protest during the 45 minute parade.

Two hours after moving into the area, the security operation was wound down.

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