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Shock as top secret terror 'bible' is lost

17 July 2004

A TOP secret military document on leading terrorist suspects is believed to have gone missing from Castlereagh security base, it can be revealed today.

Security chiefs fear the paper has fallen into the hands of UDA elements.

The Belfast Telegraph has learned that the discovery that the document is missing, or has been copied, is what lay behind reports earlier this week that police are investigating a possible security breach involving the Army at Castlereagh.

One source said: "This is a military 'bible' of leading terrorist suspects across Northern Ireland.

"That it might have fallen into the hands of loyalist terrorists is deeply worrying."

An investigation into the possible breach of security was reported by police last Sunday.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph that, after the alarm was raised, two searchs were carried out on a house in Belfast last Sunday, followed on Monday by the search of another house in Belfast.

After being told about the development, the SDLP's spokesman on policing, Alex Attwood, pledged to raise the matter with the PSNI's deputy Chief Constable.

"I intend to raise this with Paul Leighton," he said. "It would be astonishing if there has been a further breach at Castlereagh given past events and, if such a breach has taken place, this has to be evidence of either gross incompetence or more sinister behaviour.

"If this is the case the police need to confirm what they believe and, if it is in the hands of loyalists, in my view it's very sinister."

When asked about the document, an Army spokesman said: "This is a police investigation ongoing and we cannot talk about this incident until the police investigation is complete."

A PSNI spokesman said: "This is a live investigation and it would be improper of us to comment any further."

It was at the same complex in March 2002 that offices of the Special Branch were broken into.

On that occasion the IRA was blamed.

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