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Website gives insight into old Belfast

31 July 2004

A HISTORICAL society has launched a website which tells the story of the Barrack area in the New Lodge in Belfast.

The Glenravel Local History Project's site contains thousands of photographs of topics including the Luftwaffe Blitz and the people of the area, as well as a list of all the murals in it.

Local historical documents can be downloaded from the site for free, including the story of the McMahon family who were slaughtered in 1922 and copies of The Troubles magazine which presents a day to day account of the Northern Ireland conflict since the partition of Ireland.

It also includes historical articles about the sinking of the Titanic and local crime stories.

Joe Baker, co-ordinator of the Glenravel Project, said the site would be "fascinating" for those with an interest in local history.

The site's address is www.thebarrack.com.

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