I Once Knew a Boy...

Dolours Price • 17 July 2004

I have just read Geraldine Adams' piece on the disgraceful scenes in Ardoyne on July 12th. Fair play to her, her article hit the nail on the head. My own tongue-in-cheek piece reflected her view but certainly not with her very, and appropriate, political comment.

Perhaps my own experiences with Gerry Kelly as a comrade on a difficult mission in England and our subsequent imprisonment together leaves me somewhat emotionally vulnerable to the person. We went through a lot together. It causes me a great deal of pain to ridicule the boy I once knew to be stubborn, anti-establishment, arrogant as only those who are convinced of the rightness of their cause can be. A man-boy who endured the same rigours of hunger-strike and force-feeding as myself, my sister, Hugh Feeney and others on our failed mission.

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