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McCloskey Seeks Bonfire Alternatives

Friday 16th July 2004

SDLP councillor for the Rosemount and Glen areas, Kathleen McCloskey, has called on local residents and interested bodies in the area to come together to tackle the problems associated with bonfires.

Colr. McCloskey said: "There is no reason why people in this area cannot do the same as has been done very successfully in the Creggan area.

"There, instead of lighting bonfires and destroying the environment via the destruction of trees and shrubs, festival/family events, excluding bonfires, have been organised by neighbourhood groups."

She added: "Such programmes can prove to be a success and provide entertainment for the community.

"In addition to this, the environmental community education programmes, including workshops, should also be organised which will highlight the dangers of bonfires and the destruction they cause to our environment and the city."

Colr. McCloskey has called on the Glenview Community Association and the Rosemount Resource Centre to take her suggestions on board and engage in discussion with local residents and other interested individuals and bodies.

She added: "I am hopeful that, together, we can come up with an alternative to bonfires that can be enjoyed by the whole community and at the same time do no damage to the environment nor cause any inconvenience to the local community."

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