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Name Of City Is Officially Derry - SF

Tuesday 20th July 2004

Sinn Fein Councillor Barney O'Hagan has welcomed the news that the legal advice coming back to the council indicates that the name of the City is officially Derry.

Councillor O'Hagan said: "The issue of the official name of the city has been dragging on for several years now and given the reluctance of the DOE to respond to council Sinn FÈin proposed that the matter be taken to the High Court. "This decision was taken with a view to securing a declaration on the status of the official name of the city.

"The legal opinion that we are now receiving back from a senior barrister indicates that the official name of the city was changed when Derry City Council changed its name from Londonderry back in 1984.

"In 1984, the government stated it had taken extensive legal advice on whether the name of the corporate city had been changed from 'Londonderry' to 'Derry'. In one reading this implies there was some uncertainty on the part of the government. This legal advice was not disclosed despite requests from the Council".

"The legal advice that the official name of the city is Derry is welcoming in the fact that we can now move forward in developing a brand that would allow for the marketing of the city in a way that is less confusing.

"The advice also agrees that Council is correct in pursuing a resolution to this issue via a High Court determination."

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