Fears of violence at Apprentice Boys' march in Derry

28/07/2004 - 13:54:01

The clashes at an Orange Order parade in Belfast earlier this month have led to fears of further violence at an Apprentice Boys' march in Derry next month.

The July 12 clashes were sparked by the PSNI’s decision to overturn a Parades Commission ruling and allow hundreds of loyalists to march through the nationalist Ardoyne area.

The Apprentice Boys in Derry normally seek permission to allow a feeder parade to march through Ardoyne, but there are fears of violence if such a march is allowed next month.

Nationalist residents in Derry have reached agreement with the Apprentice Boys about the main march in the city, but they are likely to mount protests this year if the feeder parade is allowed through the Ardoyne area.

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