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Received from Heaven Ferry.
08 July 2004

I just received the following message from Ciaran, written on July 4:

"Today has not been the best of days. At around 9 am there was a
search, and every book and magazine that I have has been taken from me. On this day, instead of celebrating American liberation from British occupation, I have had the reminders of captivity thrust in my face with all the indignity that entails. Just as well I only have a few finishing touches to do on the Bug's Life drawing I'm doing for Fiona - they took the magazine page I was drawing from! I was also strip searched, to top it all off.

It is now around 1:30pm, and I have received no word as to the fate of the my belongings. Obviously I complained about the whole episode, but you know the mentality of some of these people.

Please post something on the website, asking that no one sends me any more magazines or books until this situation is sorted out. I don't want them wasting their money! In the meantime, I can find the odd gem on the book cart here."


I just phoned the jail, and had a pretty hostile converstation with the Sergeant on duty. While on the phone, he dug out his handy dandy rule book(which he reminded me that Ciaran was given a copy of when he was booked) and said that the rules do infact state that any belongings in an inmates cell, above the allowed amount, will be confiscated and either circulated into the general jail system, or destroyed. They will not put anything in property, and will not allow inmates to send out excess items. He then went on to say that it was Ciaran's responsiblity to ensure that he did not get too many of these items in the mail. Yes, as if he has some control over that, as he sits in a jail cell in Colorado.

I was not aware that there was a specific number of books allowed
into the jail - I still don't know what that magic number is. But
regardless, I'm sure that everyone trying to coordinate that would be pretty futile.

While I had them on the phone, we had a little battle over Ciaran's wedding ring as well. Ciaran's wedding band was taken from him towards the end of his time at Denver County Jail, when they attempted to mix him in with the general population. When that attempt failed, he was returned to solitary confinement, but the ring was not returned. It went into his property and travelled with him to Jefferson County Jail when he was moved a few days later. Thankfully, I was later able to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, the Sergeant said that freedom of religion aside, and sacraments aside, Ciaran doesn't need his wedding ring. In fact, helpful man that he was, he even found the Prison Chaplin (whom he acknowledged was a paid jail employee) who said, "If the ring can come off, it comes off." Nice guys!

So, there you have it. I know Ciaran relies on books and magazines to pass the time, but I also don't want any of you to send something to him in good faith, only to have it taken from him as soon as he gets it. My suggestion, particularly to those of you who send him specific things on a regular basis, would be to continue sending magazines, as they can be read quickly. They are also less expensive to purchase and send.

Personally, I'm just sad that Ciaran has to go through any of this.

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