The National Irish Freedom Committee

Press Release

The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) is an U.S. based
organization with no foreign principle. It's primary objective is to
promote the Eire Nua (New Ireland) program here in the U.S. Another
of its objectives is to lend financial support through Cabhair in
Ireland to the dependants of Eire Nua activists who are being
harassed and marginalized by the authorities in both parts of Ireland
for promoting Eire Nua. A third objective of the NIFC, is to promote
our Irish-American cultural heritage here in the U.S.

The authors of Eire Nua, who happen to be members of Republican Sinn
Fein have been denied entry visas by the U.S. government since 1976.
This policy has severely hampered the promotion of Eire Nua in here
in the U.S. It has left the American public with the impression that
their is no alternative to the British authored Good Friday Agreement
(GFA) Despite this arbitrary visa policy, the NIFC will continue to
promote Eire Nua as a viable alternative to the GFA.

It regrettable that Republican Sinn Fein (RSF), the oldest political
party in Ireland's, whose members were the authors of Eire Nua, are
now deemed a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. It has a
chilling effect on the exercise of the freedoms that we hold
sacrosanct and casts a cloud on the sacrifice of those who died to
preserve those same freedoms.

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