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40 storm Mater but no further action says PSNI

Two rival loyalist bands were responsible for a massive attack on accident and emergency staff at the Mater after a recent Tour of the North parade, the North Belfast News can reveal.
But despite the shameful display of wanton violence against health service staff and recent government promises of a get-tough approach against attacks on fire, hospital and ambulance crews, no further police action will be taken.
That means that over 40 people who forced terrified staff and patients to barricade themselves in a room get off without as much as a caution, despite their actions being recorded on the hospital’s CCTV system.
A 15-year-old boy who was arrested on the night is facing “a report”.
Two women described as verbally abusive were let go without charge.
Sources at the Mater said the trouble erupted after a fracas between two unidentified bands led one bandsman to seek hospital attention for an injury.
“The other band tried to get in on him and his own ones were there to protect him,” said the source.
Chief Executive of the Mater Sean Donaghy said a review of the hospital’s security system was on the cards, adding that staff were “genuinely frightened”.
“We have a very good relationship with the community here and it was only with the backing of both communities in North Belfast that we were able to change the status of the hospital,” he said.
But another source said the incident had been played down by management.
“It was very, very clear on the CCTV that Orangemen wearing suits were throwing golf balls. They surrounded an ambulance and it could not respond to emergency calls. There was a lock down in A&E and the mob ran into the hospital and into intensive care to try and get a lift down to A&E.”
The North Belfast News contacted the PSNI this week to establish if there had been any arrests or charges in response to the violence, but a police spokeswoman revealed that there were no other offences revealed.
“CCTV footage has been examined by police and the Director of Public Prosecutions and at this stage no further offences have been disclosed,” said a spokeswoman.
When asked if bandsmen had been identified on the tapes, she replied: “That is the matter closed for us.”
A spokeswoman for health workers’ union Unison expressed surprise at the lack of any arrests.
“Obviously we were expecting something to come out of this. It’s the same old story that people want to come to work to treat the sick and violence prevents them from doing so. I would expect if people could be proven to be responsible then they would face the full rigours of the law."
Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly expressed outrage that no action had been taken.
“It’s incredible that after a loyalist march through a Catholic area, bandsmen went on the rampage in a hospital which should be a neutral space, endangering staff and patients,” he said.
“Despite video evidence of this the PSNI are saying that the issue is closed and there will be no further action. Staff should be free to go about their work and patients should be free from sectarian harassment.”

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