Ardoyne: The Untold Truth film is launched

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A remarkable book that charts the 99 people who were killed during the conflict in Ardoyne is the subject of a newly released DVD and video.

Following the publication in 2002 of the book, Ardoyne: The Untold Truth, the Ardoyne Commemoration Project have now announced the launch of a video of the same name at an event to be held on August 15.
The launch comes as the British government has announced in principle that some form of truth process be started in the north of Ireland.

The announcement has caused concern amongst nationalists who say any process must include the recognition by the British state that it was an active combatant.

The launch will take place at Kickhams GAA. The film is a follow up to the book that detailed the lives and violent deaths of those caught up in the conflict in the district.

Tom Holland of the Ardoyne Commemoration Project said the DVD would show the night of the launch of the book that was attended by the late Joe Cahill.

“As well as containing scenes and speeches from that evening, the video includes a brief history of the conflict and how the project came into being,” he said.

“It also contains three interviews with relatives of those killed with Angela Muldoon, daughter of Harry, Ann Stewart, sister of Jackie Mailey and Mary McGarry, sister of John Finlay. We hope that like the book, the video will act as a mark of remembrance for the dead.”

Tom Holland said any truth process must involve the British State.

“First the British State has to acknowledge that it was an active combatant in the conflict. Second, any such process needs to be independent of all active combatants. Thirdly, there needs to be an international dimension in the body dealing with this issue. If the British fail to meet these minimum requirements then victims’ families and the public at large will question its motives and conclude that it is only interested in concealing their involvement in the 30- year conflict we all endured.”

Tom Holland said all victims’ families were again invited. He asked them to arrive promptly at 7pm on the night where each family will receive a copy of the DVD or if they prefer, a tape. On the night a shortened version of the video will be shown. Speakers include John Finucane, former taoiseach Albert Reynolds and Holy Cross rector Fr Aidan Troy.

The general public is asked to arrive at 7.30pm and the proceedings will begin at 8pm. Copies of the DVD and book will be on sale.

“The purpose of this event as with the book is to properly commemorate all the victims who were killed,” said Tom.

“Not only for the sake of their memory, but also for the sake of their remaining family members and the wider Ardoyne community. To reflect this we have chosen this particular launch date as it is the 35th anniversary of the first two Ardoyne victims, Sammy McLarnon and Michael Lynch who were killed by the RUC on August 15, 1969.

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