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31 July 2004

Irish Political Status Committee


The campaign for the restoration of political status for Irish POW's
continues unabated — with rallies in Belfast, Derry and other major
cities in the 6 Counties called by prisoners welfare groups to draw
attention to the continueing abuse of republican prisoners in Maghaberry

In Britain the campaign by the Irish Political Status Committee for the
repatriation of the seven republican prisoners (most of whom are
miscarriages of justice cases) continues also.

In April John-Paul Hannan won his transfer to Maghaberry Prison in the 6
Counties. Several other POW's are awaiting the repatriation procedure —
which can take between 3 and 5 years

The 'SLOVAK 3' — Declan Rafferty, Michael McDonald and Fintan O'Farrell
— are currently appealing sentence. Until their appeals are heard they
are disqualified from applying for repatriation!

In March last these three men were informed their appeals would be heard
by Easter — but have been postponed several times since then. In their
recent communication with us they tell us the latest date for their
appeal hearing is October 2004!

Likewise James McCormack — serving 22 years in Full Sutton prison in
Yorkshire — still awaits a decision by the Home Office on his
repatriation application — made over a year ago!

Aidan Hulme — serving 20 years in Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire —
still suffers from the neglect endured during his incarceration in
Belmarsh Prison, and is still in danger of losing his leg. Like the
others he also awaits a decision on his repatriation application

The IPSC calls on all supporters of Irish freedom to remember the men in
Long Lartin, Full Sutton and Whitemoor. Cards and letters are welcomed —
and always reciprocated — by the POW's. This also of course applies to
Maghaberry and Portlaoise

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