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Mad Dog's Nazi pal shot

By Ciaran McGuigan
05 July 2004

A RIGHT-WING pal of Johnny Adair has been shot in a gangland feud.

Liverpool gangster, turned British National Party organiser, Joey Owens was hit with a shotgun blast to the shoulder, a number of weeks ago.

He was reported to have needed treatment at Liverpool's University Hospital, after the shooting.

The attack is believed to be the latest in a long line of violent incidents, in a bloody feud between rival gangs, on Merseyside.

Earlier this year, Sunday Life revealed how Owens, who has stood as a BNP candidate in council elections, boasted of his friendship with Adair to enhance his hardman image.

Owens has been questioned by police in relation to a number of gangland murders in England.

He was acquitted of the gangland murder of George Bromley, in 1998, when the star witness vanished just before Owens was due to stand trial.

The Wigan-born enforcer first met Adair in the 1980s, through their shared National Front connections.

Adair later travelled to Liverpool to meet Owens publicly, after he was first freed from the Maze jail, under the Good Friday Agreement.

That trip was reported to have alarmed cops, who had identified, at the time, a funding link between right-wing elements in Liverpool and Adair's Shankill Road UFF 'C' Company.

Links between Adair and right-wing groups in England remain strong, according to loyalist sources.

Several loyalist sources have told Sunday Life in recent weeks that links between Adair's supporters, the LVF and Combat 18 are growing in strength.

They have suggested that they will provide Adair with a number of safe houses after his release, next January.

Our sources also claim that the cells of supporters in England will be used to attack Adair's UDA enemies in Ulster.

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