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32 County Sovereignty Movement

18th August. 2004.
For immediate release.
Contact: (Sean Burns) – inter_sol32@hotmail.com


The 32 County Sovereignty Movement (International Dept) stands behind the ongoing hunger-strike protest by Palestinian prisoners in the Eshel, Nahfa and Hadarim Jails.

At the time of writing some 1,500 prisoners have embarked on this course of action in response to the measures against them exerted by the Israeli authorities. This has included amongst other things; physical abuse, denial of medical attention, a total refusal of visits and telephone contact with relatives, solitary confinement and forcing numbers of prisoners into cells not designed for multiple occupancy. The prison administration earlier this week threatened to bring in the force feeding of those on hunger-strike if the protest was not brought to an end.

32 County Sovereignty Movement spokesperson Sean Burns commented that:
“….it is useful here to remember the systematic abuse, torture and murder of political prisoners in Khiam Jail by the Israeli forces in its operations against the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. It seems that the IDF Leopard has not changed its’ spots and carries on such crimes with the same impunity and disregard for basic human decency that it showed then. As happened then, the suffering of the prisoners only renewed the dedication of those who struggle for freedom on the outside. Therefore the Israeli state would be well advised to take heed of this lesson and concede to the Palestinian prisoners reasonable demands, otherwise they will simply be hastening the day when the Palestinian resistance will burn the very ground upon which they walk”.
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