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Father in emotional plea to attackers

Little Emma died at Christmastime last year, along with Christopher Shaw

By Jonathan McCambridge
26 August 2004

The father of an eight-year-old girl killed by a car on the Springfield Road has made a personal appeal to those who are attacking a house formerly owned by the man charged with her death to stop.

Joseph Caughey said the actions of arsonists who attacked a house at Highfield Drive in west Belfast could lead to more children being "needlessly killed".

Yesterday it was revealed that arsonists had attacked the house bought by Thomas Shaw (23), for his young family.

Mr Shaw said he believes the house may have been attacked because it was formerly owned by a man charged with causing the death of two children and injuring a third after they were knocked down on the junction between the Springfield and Falls Roads in December.

Mr Shaw said he has no connection with the previous owner of the house and has appealed to be left in peace.

Joseph Caughey lost his eight-year-old daughter Emma Lynch in the collision which also cost the life of 11-year-old Christopher Shaw.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "I just want the people who are doing this to stop.

"I don't know why this is happening. I'm not even interested to know, but I want to make a personal appeal for this to stop before two other children are needlessly killed."

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