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Resolution of conflict to be debated

By Robert Elder
30 August 2004

Experts in the field of conflict research from around the world will gather at the University of Ulster this week.

The Conflict Resolution Research Society conference will take place at the University's Magee campus from Wednesday and will bring together a host of conflict researchers from the Netherlands, the USA, Norway and the Philippines, as well as from the UU.

John Hume, holder of the University's Tip O'Neill Chair in Peace Studies, will be a keynote speaker at the opening of the event - a showcase of contemporary international conflict research.

Joining him will be Professor Chris Mitchel from George Mason University in the USA, a highly regarded scholar of conflict resolution.

Themes such as peacekeeping, intervention and mediation, as well the role of education and the justice system in the Northern Ireland peace process will feature prominently. Also on the agenda are case studies looking at issues such as regional minorities and an examination of the role of loyalist groups.

Among the many papers being presented will be a number from UU postgraduate students from the Research Graduate School, Faculty of Social Sciences, the UNESCO Centre and INCORE, the international centre for peace and conflict studies based at the Magee campus.

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