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SDLP demands parades group ban for Ardoyne

By Noel McAdam, Political Correspondent
05 August 2004

The SDLP today demanded that the Parades Commission ban an Apprentice Boys parade from the Ardoyne on Saturday week.

Upper Ardoyne residents, however, backed the rights of the Royal Black Institution and a band to march in the mainly nationalist Ardoyne, Mountainview and Dales area.

SDLP councillor Martin Morgan said he personally wanted a moratorium on all parades in the area until new legislation boosts Commission powers to deal with march supporters and the Loyalist Forum meets nationalist residents.

"The Orange and Black Orders and Apprentice Boys really have to understand they must take responsibility for bringing people out onto the streets," the former Belfast Lord Mayor added.

"Any parade that came after the events of the Twelfth of July was bound to be affected. It is not suffering because of the people of Ardoyne who are very angry over how they were treated."

Mr Morgan, who was accompanied this afternoon at a Commission meeting by party colleague Alex Attwood and Councillor Margaret Walsh, also denied his party was playing "catch-up" with Sinn Fein, which met the Commission yesterday.

"It is purely a matter of timetabling. We met the Commission three days after July 12 when Sinn Fein were outside, protesting," he said.

After their hour-long meeting, Sinn Fein called on the Apprentice Boys to voluntarily re-route away from Ardoyne on August 14.

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