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SF in warning over water charges

By Brendan McDaid
12 August 2004

Sinn Fein in Londonderry today urged British direct rule ministers to "back off" over plan to introduce water charges in Northern Ireland.

Councillor Gerry MacLochalinn today branded the government "undemocratic" in the face of widespread alarm at the new charges.

Mr MacLochlainn said: "British NIO Ministers are showing their true, undemocratic colours in trying to force through the water taxes in the face of almost total opposition from across the political spectrum, from trade unions and from the public.

"But then again they have no mandate to take any of the decisions that they are currently forcing on us."

Direct rule minister John Spellar's announcement this week that the Water Service is to be scrapped, has met with a wave of protests.

The government plans to replace the Water Service with its own company, GoCo, from 2006, which will charge households for water usage.

The level of the "tap tax" to be levied on households from April 2006 will be revealed later this year.

The Belfast Telegraph this week revealed that more than 700 Water Service jobs are expected to go in the next four years as part of the government shake-up.

Vowing that his party will take on the government over the planned charges, Mr MacLochlainn added: "The revelation in the Belfast Telegraph that these interlopers are also planning massive job cuts demonstrates the scale of the privatisation agenda that imported British Labour party stooges intend to force through.

"The British government are guilty of failing to invest properly in our services for decades.

"In comparison to other models of managing water services, the British government stands accused of treating everyone who lives in the north of Ireland as a second class citizen.

"We will also ensure that in the negotiations next month that the entire issue of British Treasury financing of all of our services is on the agenda."

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