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Ciarán Ferry Update

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The lawyer for Ciarán Ferry, Eamonn Dornan was interviewed by Radio Free Eireann on 7/24/04

To listen, scroll down towards the middle of the webpage and CLICK ON:
Saturday RFE 7-24-04


*Please note, the latest update as of today: Homeland Security had a deadline of August 4th to make a determination whether to release Ciarán from jail or to produce a written statement on why they are continuing to
hold him. To the best of our knowledge, they have not responded yet. Ciarán's legal team and defense committee are actively following up on this new development. Eamonn Dornan said, "Homeland Security has failed to meet
its lawful obligations. This is yet another breach of Ciarán's constitutional rights to due process and a further illegal restriction of his liberties".

Deanna Turner
Irish Deportees of America Committee

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