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From Heaven Ferry
13 August 2004

Over the next few days, the Ciaran Ferry Legal Defense Fund website may experience some downtime and/or errors as we complete a change of hosting providers.

The good news is that upon completion of the move we will be
introducing a new phpBB driven bulletin board service, to replace the
existing Yahoo! Group.

The phpBB board will be a exciting new addition to the website, and
we hope that the introduction of the new forum will enable us to
provide more up to date news and case updates, as well as open up
discussion and news-sharing amongst activists. While the bulletin
board will continue to focus on Ciarán's case, there will also be
forums for general discussion, political debate, as well as news and
information about other Irish Deportees and cases of interest.

There will be an announcement made when the site transfer is complete
and the new bulletin board is available, and at that time the forum
will also be accessible from the main menu on the Ciarán Ferry
Legal Defense Fund homepage. I strongly encourage all of you to join
us there, whether it be to share news, ask questions or just find out
what everyone else is doing.

Thanks for your continued support!

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