Ardoyne man denies informer claims

An Ardoyne man with links to dissident republicans has denied being a PSNI informer.

David White decided to speak out after claiming sections of the media were putting his life in danger by trying to give the impression he is a supergrass.

The 39-year-old is currently facing charges of conspiring to cause an explosion at a motor tax office, making an improvised bomb, possessing gunpowder and membership of the Real IRA. The charges relate to incidents in Belfast city centre last year.

While on remand in Maghaberry prison in May, David White experienced difficulties getting transferred to the Real IRA Row House wing.

He was eventually moved there after staging a 12-day hunger strike.

At the time it was reported that prisoners within Row House objected to David White's transfer. The Irish Republican Prisoners’ Welfare Association’s failure to assist the North Belfast man increased speculation that there had been a fall out among dissident republicans.

However, Mr White insists reports of conflict between Real IRA prisoners and speculation that he is a PSNI informer are totally false.

"I want to state categorically that I am not and never have been a PSNI informer," said Mr White.

"Recent media reports focusing on my hunger strike gave the impression that dissident republicans did not want me on their wing, and this may have led to people wrongly assuming that I am a tout.

“I did have problems getting a transfer to Row House in Maghaberry but it had nothing to do with prisoners on the wing trying to block my move. It was the prison authorities who were causing the problems, however that has now been sorted.

“I want to clear my name and assure my community I am not an informer,” added David White.

Journalist:: Ciaran Barnes

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