South Belfast PSNI head complaints statistics

The public have made more complaints and allegations about the South Belfast PSNI than any other district command unit in the north.

The 2003-04 Police Ombudsman's annual report published this week reveals that almost 150 complaints and 430 allegations have been made about the conduct of officers based in the south of the city.

The nature of the complaints and allegations range from malpractice and oppressive behaviour to racial discrimination and incivility.

Officers based at Musgrave Street are the worst offenders with 41 per cent of the South Belfast complaint total centring on the station. A further 30 per cent of complaints were levelled against officers at Donegall Pass, 23 per cent against those sited at Lisburn Road and six per cent against the Ballynafeigh PSNI.

Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey believes the reason South Belfast has the highest complaint and allegation statistics in the north is because the public are more likely to engage with the PSNI in the south of the city.

"The more people try and work with the PSNI the more disappointment they encounter," said Mr Maskey.

"Only last week we had a Bangladeshi family forced from the Village following 30 attacks on their home. I'm sure they registered a complaint as did many Ballynafeigh residents whose homes have been repeatedly burgled over the past year.

"It's a damning indictment of the PSNI when you consider South Belfast has the highest crime levels and complaint rates despite residents’ willingness to work with the police."

The Police Ombudsman's report reveals that 41 per cent of those who complained about PSNI misconduct over the past year were Catholic, 35 per cent were Protestant and 21 per cent from other or no religions.

The vast majority of complaints (80 per cent) were made by males, with a quarter coming from between the 16-25 years age group.

A spokesperson for the Police Ombudsman said it provided an independent and impartial complaints service for members of the public about the conduct of police officers in Northern Ireland.

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