Drunken loyalists march in Dunmurry

Nationalist residents of Dunmurry say they were in fear for their lives at the weekend after a gang of drunken loyalists returning from the Apprentice Boys parade in Derry attempted to attack two young Catholics.

A gang of loyalists – some still in band uniforms – chased two Catholic men through Dunmurry village at around 8.30pm on Saturday evening.
Members of the local Community Watch say it was lucky that the rampaging loyalists didn’t kill someone.

The loyalists then staged a mini-parade in the village without permission from the Parades Commission.

Community Watch say the PSNI facilitated the parade despite no permission having been sought from the Parades Commission for the march.

Stephen McGuinness of the local Community Watch told the Andersonstown News the loyalists acted with impunity and attempted to attack two nationalists within yards of Dunmurry PSNI station.

“Loyalists got off the train from the Derry march at around 8.30 on Saturday evening,” said Stephen. “There were two young nationalists standing at the crossroads in the village and a gang of about 20 loyalists chased them shouting sectarian abuse.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that these loyalists – some who were still wearing their sashes and band uniforms – were quite obviously the worse for wear from a day’s drinking, the situation could have been very grave indeed.”

Local Sinn Féin councillor Paul Butler says that it has been obvious for some time that “loyalists are attempting to turn Dunmurry village into a no go area for nationalists”.

“The weekend’s events show once again that these people can threaten and abuse with impunity.”

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