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PSNI officers are now giving mural tours of North Belfast

This is the moment when a group of Canadian tourists on a taxi tour of North Belfast captured the PSNI giving their very own tour of republican sites in Ardoyne to three young women.

The picture shows the PSNI with three female passengers, who emerged from the back of the Land Rover and proceeded to take pictures of republican murals before getting back into the back of the vehicle and moving on to the next stop.

The PSNI officers giving the tour laughed and joked with their passengers – waiting for them to take pictures in front of the Sinn Féin offices in Berwick Road.

A taxi driver, who was giving a group of Canadian tourists a tour of West and North Belfast at the time, said he was amazed to see the PSNI acting as tour guides in Ardoyne. However, he was delighted that the Canadians were quick off the mark, capturing the moment with their cameras from inside his vehicle.

“I have been giving these tours now for a number of years and would say very little could shock me,” said the taxi driver.

“But to see the PSNI giving a lesson in history to these young women in the middle of Ardoyne is a new one on me.

“They were very animated, laughing and joking and giving the girls a quick lesson in Irish history – PSNI-style, of course.

“I would have been interested to hear just what their version of events was.

“They waited while the women posed for a few pictures and then off they all went off in the Land Rover.

“The Canadians who I had with me even asked me how much the PSNI charge for a tour. I told them you just have to be in the know.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI last night said that it is not the policy of the PSNI to take members of the public on tours in police vehicles.

“In the past, however, we have assisted visiting officers from foreign police forces and members of the media who wish to observe the work of the PSNI.”

• It’s your tax money, so if you would like a tour of Ardoyne courtesy of the PSNI, then phone Oldpark PSNI station on 90 650222.

Journalist:: Allison Morris

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