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Derry used by PSNI for weapons training

Sinn Féin says the PSNI is using Derry City as a weapons training ground after the force again used the controversial CS spray in the city on Saturday 31 July.

A number of people were injured when members of the PSNI sprayed nationalists returning home from a night out. The CS spray was used at around 2.05am in Sackville Street and again at 2.30am in William Street.

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming said he believed the PSNI are using Derry as a training ground for new weaponry.

"This is the second time in a number of weeks that the PSNI have used this noxious weapon in controversial circumstances against the people of this city," said Fleming. He added that the use of the weapon in Derry stands in total contrast to the PSNI's response to rioting by loyalists in the Village area of South Belfast at the weekend, where no such measure was deemed necessary.

"The SDLP, who sit on the Policing Board and sanctioned the use of this weapon, must state why they have allowed the citizens of Derry to again become human guinea pigs for the PSNI," said Fleming.

The Police Ombudsman is currently investigating the use of CS spray by the PSNI in Derry in early July, when one man was treated for serious burns to his face and neck.

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