Shots fired at police station

Shots were fired in a busy street

A police station in the centre of Derry has been sprayed with automatic gunfire.

It is understood that a gunman fired about 30 shots at Strand Road station from the nearby Queen Street area about 0930 BST on Wednesday.

The police described the shooting in a busy city centre street as a reckless act.

A number of bullets hit civilian vehicles on Asylum Road, including a doctor's car parked outside his surgery. A van was hit by several rounds

A gable wall of the station was also hit by bullets.

Windows in parked vehicles were shattered

Eyewitnesses at the scene said they saw a number of spent cartridges lying on the ground.

The police said they had no reports of any injuries.

Chief Inspector Brian Hume condemned it as a totally indiscriminate and reckless attack.

Shortly afterwards, a vehicle was found on fire in the Brandywell area of Derry and police believe it is linked to the attack.

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